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Brands We Service

Washer Repair Services

There’s no question your washing machine is perhaps the most critical appliance in your home. It’s only when something goes sideways that we realize how much we rely on our washers and take them for granted. That’s where we come in!

Here at Protech Appliance Solutions, we’ve been servicing our Coquitlam community to service and repair washing machines to help you keep your life on track.

Our family-owned company is a team of licensed, bonded, and responsive professional technicians who actually care about you and your family. We will do our best to offer same-day appointments because we understand that time is of the essence when comes to getting back to what matters most, life.

Ready to service or repair your washing machine? We can repair them all!

Call us today at Protech Appliance Solutions today to schedule your appointment.

Washer Repair Services We Offer to Coquitlam Residents

Big or small, easy or complex, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest! Rhymes aside, our team of Coquitlam washer repair specialists is here to help. We’ve proudly served residents of Coquitlam and surrounding areas for years, and have the knowledge and experience needed to get your appliances running like new before you know it.

Like most Coquitlam residents, washer repair is likely the last thing on your mind. And rightly so. It’s not often that these machines up and quit on you. But when they do it can be a real inconvenience.

Below is a quick rundown of the most common washer issues we run into on repair calls…

Loud Noise/Screeching

This can be indicative of rattling from a faulty pump motor, worn tub bearings, or a loose or damaged belt.


Leaks aren’t just inconveniences, they can cause water damage, mold, and more. Leads can originate from a number of issues including worn or faulty pumps, hoses, door seals, and faulty inlet valves.

Failure to Start

Failure to start is something we run into a lot. This can be the result of faulty electricity, lack of power, blown internal fuses, broken switches, thermal fuses, timers, or door switches.

Will Not Agitate

In the event that your washer runs but won’t properly agitate on cycle, it may be the result of broken, worn, or faulty cogs, couplers, drive belts, or a failed transmission.

Will Not Spin

If your washer turns on and runs, but simply will not spin, this might be indicative of needing repair to the drive motor coupling, wax motor, or door lock.

Fails to Fill With Water

Well, you can’t wash without water now, can you? If your washer starts but won’t fill up with H20 we may want to inspect the hoses, water inlet valve, water level pressure switch, or air drone tube.

Popular Brands We Service

No matter what your make or model, we can handle it. Our technicians are experts at troubleshooting and uncovering problems. We’ll work to find you the best solution at the best price.

Here are a few of the most common brands we encounter:

Speed Queen

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